Downtown Plano-Supporting Small Business and Artists at the same time

I had a chance to meander the beautiful area in which I live.  Sometimes it seems challenging to just get away from work, but that is what I did on Saturday morning. In downtown Plano, Texas stands the original buildings that first welcomed passengers from the Central Railroad in 1840.  The track still moves passengers along  in modern yellow electric rail cars know as DART.  Downtown Plano was bustling with activities. It has recently earned the esteemed Arts District recognition, and rightly so.  This morning I could see the dancers at the International Festival, people sitting in the grass at Haggard Park listening to folk singers from (i’m not sure where, but it sounds somewhat like Polish. My grandfather spoke Polish but I never heard him sing.) Food trucks were parked alongside the Courtyard Theater, and Cox Playhouse where two cast members came out in costume from Theatre Britain. I wanted to go see what I was missing, but I was on a mission.   I walked past the galleries, headed to  Angela’s at the Crosswalk, an eatery filled with sticky buns, country cooking, pies, and everything that says, “home”.  I just wanted to enjoy a hot cup of tortilla soup.  I was feeling a bit international, so I ordered a Greek salad with it.
Now that I was full I was ready to investigate.  I walked towards the festival when a  figurine in the window caught my eye. The shop was La Foofaraw, and little witch sat on the edge of the moon watching the people walk by.   Witch on the Moon

Halloween is my favorite holiday.  Not the chainsaws, and fake blood Halloween, but rather the homemade Halloween.  Where people make their own costumes. This  figurine was created by an artisan who took the time to thoughtfully design the buckles on her shoes.  I decided to walk in to see more. The store had many figurines created by Bethany Lowe and ,  Karen and Mary Hammerschmidt.  I enjoyed talking with the shop keepers, and asked to share their shop with my readers.   








Happy Halloween for TheGastonHouse


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The Gaston House is a design blog run by a Plano art teacher, Jeanine Gaston. Jeanine has a unique and advantageous perspective when considering design. As a professional artist and teacher, she works with students on a daily basis, keeping her up to date on current pop culture. She works in a variety of mediums with her focus on photography, stationery design, and sculpture. She is part of a larger artist community, surrounding herself with talented art educators and designers. Her work has been featured in D Magazine, Designing Texas with Jocelyn White, Tech Edge & Angel Flight Magazine. She has done design work for Price Waterhouse, Zales, Susan G. Komen, ABC Radio, Studios at Las Colinas, & The Dallas Museum of Art, Seventeen Seventeen Restaurant.