AP Studio Art Resourses

As I look over the many Facebook posts from new art teachers, I want to share the thousands of pins I have collected over the years.  I have my pins in order by subject.  Sculpture ideas will be found under Sculpture {Medium}.  I also have other art teacher resources found in the Art category, and finally, I have the Elements and Principles of Design in the Design category.   I hope this helps.  I did not have this luxury when I began teaching.  Visit me on Pinterest

About Jeanine Gaston

I grew up just East of San Diego, on a hill called, Mt. Helix. As a child, I played in the Bird of Paradise fields, across from our orchard. Our father built us a play house among the citrus trees, tucked between the oranges and lemons. He also took us along on business trips, visiting counties from Singapore to Fiji. Touring each country, my parents educated us on local cultures and we always enjoyed visiting the botanical gardens. What an impact those trips had on me. Now days, I love spending time outside, working in the garden and playing with my children. I find myself missing the distant view of the ocean, and the taste of sweet oranges, picked from the tree. Someday, I hope to take my children back to my beloved orchard on the hill.