Visiting San Diego,

When most people think of San Diego they start with the fantastic weather.  True, it has year round weather that beats most of the country, but when I think of San Diego I think of home.  I grew up on a small piece of land located on a hill named, Mt. Helix.  I ran wild, playing in the fields of Bird of Paradise that were harvested for the floral industry.  We picked oranges straight from the tree.  To this day, nothing beats a warm sweet orange from the highest branchs.  We had an orchard of Macadamia nut trees, which also included avocado trees,  a lemon tree, a lime tree, orange trees, and one tangelo tree.  Now, living in Texas my kids don’t have a an orchard to snack from.  So when when spent time in San Diego this summer I headed straight for the Musicant estate.  My son climbed higher than I did, as a child.  He wanted to grab oranges from the top branches of the tree. I was so busying trying to make sure he did not fall, I had to set my camera down.  So no pictures of him picking.

About Jeanine

The Gaston House is a design blog run by a Plano art teacher, Jeanine Gaston. Jeanine has a unique and advantageous perspective when considering design. As a professional artist and teacher, she works with students on a daily basis, keeping her up to date on current pop culture. She works in a variety of mediums with her focus on photography, stationery design, and sculpture. She is part of a larger artist community, surrounding herself with talented art educators and designers. Her work has been featured in D Magazine, Designing Texas with Jocelyn White, Tech Edge & Angel Flight Magazine. She has done design work for Price Waterhouse, Zales, Susan G. Komen, ABC Radio, Studios at Las Colinas, & The Dallas Museum of Art, Seventeen Seventeen Restaurant.